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No meeting in January

We had a speaker lined up who cancelled and couldn’t find anyone to fill in at the last minute. Seems that’s what happened last year too. Everyone’s busy getting ready for the end of the year then gearing back up after the holidays. Traditionally, this was also when PTC/User presentations were due and that complicated things. Maybe we’ll just skip having meetings Nov-Jan.  If you want your User fix, head over to Single-Sourcing Solutions and the Arbortext Monster Garage.

We’ll see you in February when our speaker is Deb West-Maciaszek from Nikon Precision!


Community Arbortext Monster Garage

The folks over at Single-Sourcing Solutions have launched a new series called “Arbortext Monster Garage” to energize the Arbortext community. They’ve lined up two sessions a month. All sessions are scheduled to take place in 30 minutes–start to finish. Many of the presenters you’ve seen at our monthly meetings are scheduled to be “shop coaches”.  We’re excited to see this because for many of us, the ability to tweak every aspect of the product and the content that comes out was one of the primary advantages that drew us to the Arbortext platform.

Here are the details:

  • 30 minutes
  • 2nd and 4th Fridays
  • Shop Coaches are users
  • Calendar for all of 2011 has already been published
  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced sessions
  • Nearly all the Arbortext products have been included

The first session is titled “Pop the Hood – Get Started with Arbortext Editor in 20 Minutes” presented by Lynn Hales. Lynn was one of the first people I met at my first AUGI and he was already an old-hand. Sign up today!

Keep up with Arbortext releases

If you want to keep up with Arbortext releases, you can follow the release notes RSS feed at the Single-Sourcing Blog. At the Single-Sourcing Blog, they generally post the list of SPRs and enhancements added to a particular Arbortext product release. Release announcements are posted to the adepters mailing list (login required) and the 3b2users mailing list by PTC staff. For those of you who want a quick way to scan through the release to find out whether their particular SPR or enhancement request made it into a particular release, Single-Sourcing Solutions has been publishing details of each release to the “release notes” category on their corporate blog to ease adoption and migration issues for their customers and the greater Arbortext community.